Digital Rod Step Counter

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7853-1 and 7858-1



                 Model 7853-1 & 7858-1

                                      Digital Rod Step Counter

          The Digital Rod Step Counter provides users with state of the art technology.  The 7853-1 uses three white seven segment displays to provide a similar look of the original Whittaker mechanical counter. The 7858-1 is a digital version of the original mechanical step counter with an LCD display. For direct replacement we have kept the size and same inputs as the original version as well as other manufactured electronic versions. Also the mounting holes have been kept the same as the original for easy replacement. The standard user controls of UP, DOWN and RESET have been kept and controlled the same way as the original. UP, DOWN and RESET switches are on the mounted on the front panel. The counters add a Preset feature that will load a count directly without having to reset and count up to a value when resetting to a new IC. This eliminates the constant resetting and stepping done in training.  The use of the Preset feature requires software to add this function. Additionally we have added an Optional true to life sound option by electrically recording the original sound and using a small sound system to replay the sound so that it matches the original mechanical version. For those who wish to use the solenoid we also have kept that feature. The solenoid is a long life solenoid which should remove the problems associated with other electronic versions.  

         The digit display on the 7853-1 is 3 digit seven segment display similar to the Whittaker version. The digit display on the 7858-1 is a 3 digit LCD display similar to the Ballentine version. The Rod Step Counters are powered by a single 24 volts DC power source.


 7853-1/7858-1 Digital version of the original mechanical Rod Step Counter

Standard ‘RESET/UP/DOWN’ software control inputs

Front panel ‘RESET/UP/DOWN’ switches

Software loadable rod position value

Internally Solenoid for sound effects

Optional external control of sound system for reproduced recorded sound

24 Volt Power Input

High Reliability

Complete software control

Completely Simulated no stimulation

All functions are under user software control

5 Year warranty

Complete documentation provided



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