Simulated RM23



Model 7850-1/2/3


RM23 Controller



The Model 7850-1/2/3 simulated RM23 replacement provides users with state of the art technology for driving RM23/Sorrento/General Atomic front panels.  The 7850-1/2/3 is a three board set. The 7850-1 is the RM23 Ethernet Controller. It can handle up to eight RM23 modules with a simple software protocol. The 7850-2 is the RM23 Display Controller. The 7850-3 is the RM23 front panel. Each RM23 front panel requires one 7850-2 mounted to the rear. The 7850-2 handles all display, led, lamp and switch interface. The 7850-1 uses industry standard Ethernet interface with a TCP/IP interface. A simple software protocol of 131 bytes is transferred to control eight RM23 modules. Switch conditions are read with a 3 byte command and 32 bytes are returned for all eight RM23 modules. The 7850-2 attaches to the rear of the original RM23 front panel or the TMI front panel. Three small ribbon cables connect the RM23 front panel to the 7850-2 controller. The 7850-1 interfaces to the 7850-2 with a 34 pin ribbon cable. As mentioned, each 7850-1 RM23 Ethernet Controller drives up to eight RM23 modules.


Power for both the 7850-1 and 7850-2 come from a small dual output AC/DC power Supply mounted on the 7850-1 frame.





7850-1 RM23 Ethernet Controller uses industry standard TCP/IP


 7850-1 RM23 Ethernet Controller uses a simple 131 byte transfer to handle 8 RM23’s


7850-2 RM23 Panel Controller connects directly to each RM23 front panel


Small AC/DC power supply for powering eight RM23’s and Controller


High Reliability


Complete software control


Completely simulated no stimulation


All functions are under user software control


5 Year warranty


Complete documentation provided




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