Simulated LDTM


Simulated LDTM



Model 7880-1


Riley Controller




The Model 7880-1 LDTM/Riley Controller provides users with state of the art technology for simulating an LDTM module.  The 7880-1 is a simulated version of the original Riley/LDTM/NUS controller. The display and front panel have been designed to match the original. The 7880-1 is an Ethernet based product allowing complete control with a simple network connection. All switches, panel color and displays match the original units. A few simple commands over the network give the user complete control of the module. The display modules have a daisy chain connector so up to 16 modules can be daisy chained on a single bus. The 7880-2 Ethernet Controller can drive up to 32 modules.


The 7880-1 is powered by a single 24 volts DC power source.





7888-1 simulated version of the original LDTM/Riley/NUS


Simple network interface


Front panel Controls and switches match the original


Up to 32 modules per Ethernet Controller


Single 24 Volt Power Input


High Reliability


Complete software control


Completely simulated no stimulation


All functions are under user software control


5 Year warranty


Complete documentation provided



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