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TMI has provided numerous BCD displays to sites over the years. They vary from the number of digits and display size and color. Nearly all displays are Ethernet controlled. They are manufactured to fit in place of the original units. Typical BCD units consist of an Ethernet Controller and the display unit. Most units come with internal AC/DC power supplies to provide a complete solution. Software implementation is done with a simple transfer protocol. Contact TMI for your BCD display requirements. Our 7878-x controls 8 BCD displays. The displays consist of multiple digits and LED’s with legend. An Ethernet Controller is used to drive the displays with a simple 74 byte protocol.






BCD Displays of various size


BCD Displays of various number of digits


BCD Displays of various colors


Small AC/DC power supply provided with Ethernet versions


High Reliability


Complete software control


Completely simulated no stimulation


All functions are under user software control


5 Year warranty


Complete documentation provided




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