Simulated Bailey



Simulated Bailey


Model 7882-x

Bailey Display & Controller

The Model 7882-x simulated Bailey replacement provides users with state of the art technology for driving the Bailey displays.  The 7882-1 is the Ethernet Controller. One 7882-1 will drive 8 Bailey Displays. The 7882-3 is the Bailey Display. All displays are driven by an Ethernet Controller using the TCP/IP protocol. Complete front panel functionality is provided and under software control. The simulated Bailey displays are mounted on a metal face color matched to your site requirements. They are sized to fit in place of the original Bailey displays. A simple software interface is used to drive the displays. Power is provided by a signal AC/DC power supply which is part of the Ethernet Controller.


7882-1 Bailey Ethernet Controller drives up to 8 Bailey Displays using standard TCP/IP


7882-3 Bailey Controller Display and keyboard

Small AC/DC power supply

High Reliability

Complete software control

Completely simulated no stimulation


All functions are under user software control

5 Year warranty

Complete documentation provided


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