Scaler/Timer Display



Scaler/Timer Display



Model 7845-1


Scalar-Timer Digital Display




The Model 7845-1 Scalar-Timer Digital Display is a state of the art digital replacement of the original nixie tube display.  It is intended to replace the display circuit board containing the Nixie tubes using amber colored seven segment displays to retain a similar look as the original. The nixie tubes used in the original version are obsolete and replacements are difficult to locate. The high voltage associated with the nixie tubes, at times caused problems as well. The seven segment displays provide as close a look alike yet using low voltages. The 7845-1 is a direct replacement of the entire display board in the original scalar timer. The original display soldered all connections. We provide screw down connectors in place of the soldering. All connections are labeled the same as the original for consistency. Power is provided from the internal power supply of the Scalar-Timer. Our replacement display board mounts in the same mounting holes as the original. Complete functionality of the original has been retained.


The installation of the 7845-1 is straight forward. Removal of the original should be done with power disconnected. Unsolder all the wires of the original making sure the wire label is present and accurate. If the wire label is not present then it should be labeled prior to removal. The wire labels of the original match the signal names that are silk screened on our circuit board. Our replacement uses Phoenix screw down terminals so there is no need to solder. Each wire should be stripped and inserted into the screw down connector and tightened.  Power the unit up after all connections have been terminated. Run the Scalar-Timer in an off line mode to verify the displays contain the correct count suing various setting.




 7845-1 is a digital version of the original Scalar-Timer Display Board


Uses Amber colored displays in place of the Nixie Tubes


Does not use the High Voltage


Functionally equivalent to the original


Size and mounting matches the original


5 Year warranty


Complete documentation provided




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