Simulated DRPI



Simulated DRPI



Model 7769-1/2/3


DRPI Display & Controller





The Model 7769-1/2/3 simulated DRPI replacement provides users with state of the art technology for driving the TMI DRPI.  The 7769-1/2/3 is a three board set. The 7769-3 is a DRPI Ethernet Controller. It can drive over 3500 LED’s with a simple software protocol. The 7769-1 is the LED display board. It contains 8 columns of LED’s with 42 LEDs in each row. The LED’s are address in a simple array. The 7769-2 is the daughter card to the 7769-1. It piggybacks on the 7769-1 and contains all the display drivers and interface control to the 7769-3. Each set (7769-1 and 7769-2) can handle 336 LED’s.  The Ethernet interface of the 7769-3 is a simple TCP/IP protocol. A three byte command sequence begins the data transfer. Data transfers are arranged in an array to correspond to each addressable LED. The number of transfers used is dependent on the amount of LED’s required for an individual simulator. A new mounting frame is provided for all the displays and control boards. This replaces all the old DRPI hardware. The new frame fits in the same cut out as the original and uses the same mounting holes for the front overlay. The original overlay with all the silk screening is the only original hardware that remains with the TMI DRPI replacement.


Power is provided by an AC/DC power supply which is mounted on the 77769-3 frame.





7769-3 DRPI Ethernet Controller uses industry standard TCP/IP


 7769-3 DRPI Ethernet Controller uses a simple transfer protocol to control over 3500 LED’s


7769-3 can drive up to 11 of the 7769-1/2


7769-1/2 Display/Display Controller are a board set that drive and display up to 336 LED’s


Small AC/DC power supply for powering the entire DRPI replacement


High Reliability


Complete software control


Completely simulated no stimulation


All functions are under user software control


5 Year warranty


Complete documentation provided





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